Some dreams are left to be just that... Some hopes are there to be just that... Some people are left to be images in a world that never exists...they are just dreams and hopes...I am overwhelmed with gratitude - overjoyed - to be enchanted by someone in a real world where it is more than a dreams and a hopes...it is an embodiment of more than I ever dared to dream and hope for...but it is there...very much there...real and pulsating in my world filled with dreams and hopes...

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

  • published documents

    Computer-Aided Instruction on Visual Basic
    Input Validation and Error Trapping

    Defense Date: February 20, 2006
    Panels: Dr. Grant Cornell and Prof. Marilou Novida

    Rating: 1.5


    One of the immense pleasures and highlights of developing this study is acknowledging the efforts of many people whose names may not appear on the page, but whose cooperation, understanding, hard work and friendship were vital to the development of the study.

    We would like to extend our deepest and honest appreciation to all the persons who helped us in making this study possible.

    To our Thesis Adviser, Prof. Flordeliz C. Garcia, for sharing us knowledge, giving advice that had great help in finishing the study and for full-patience every time for consultations.

    To our Instructors/Faculty, Prof. Eloisa Pili, Prof. Florante V. Andres, Prof. Michael dela Fuente, Prof. Michelle Herrera and Prof. Steve G. Verano, and the Experts in the field of Information Technology, Ms. Sally Concepcion, Mr. Glenn Aglubat, Ms. Judith Lamsen, Mr. Priscillo Dela Cruz, and Mr. Gerwin Dacanay, for officiating as the evaluators and made some suggestions, some tips and advice, recommendations, suitable facts and ideas for the supplementation of the software and so a much compliment and support.

    To the members of the panel, Dr. Grant Cornell and Prof. Marilou F. Novida, who believe and give importance to our study that despite of the entire pore over within the documents and developed software still they trust that the output is making a difference.

    To our adored family, who always their for us to achieve our goal financially, morally and spiritually support.

    To our friends, classmates and fellow students, for their mere presence and words of encouragement during and after all the hard times even without mentioning there names.

    To our inspiration and mentor, who motivates or even encourages us to be more lively and proud.

    And most especially, to our Almighty God, the true source of light, wisdom and grace; for His everlasting love.

    Thank you so much.

    The Researchers

    Its all about for you to know...

    Monday, January 09, 2006

    • 2006 Hand and Nail Care Tips for Men

      Gone are the days where manicures are a luxury just for women! Whether you indulge in a professional manicure or do one yourself at home, regular hand and nail maintenance is a grooming necessity.

      Think of how many times in a day or week you shake the hands of a stranger. Is this someone you'd like to impress, such as a potential employer, a boss, or a date? Your hands are often involved in making a first impression, and implementing a regular hand and nail care regimen will help make the best first impression possible.

      Aside from keeping your hands looking their best, they will also feel much better. Regular use of lotion, for example, can help prevent painful cracking and bleeding, particularly during the winter months when the air is dry.

      The Bare Minimum

      If you're at a loss for time, or simply don't want to "waste" time on your hands, at least make the effort to regularly (i.e., daily) take care of your nails. Keep them short and clean underneath the tips. You can purchase a nailbrush for minimal cost at any drug store. Simply brush the tips of your fingers to remove dirt from under the nail. Also, brush across the tops of your nails.

      Additional Care

      The skin on your hands can become dry and rough very easily. Those who use their hands a lot may also develop tough calluses. To remove calluses, use a pumice stone or other tool designed for callus removal. Be careful not to remove too much skin, as this can be painful, but do try to remove as much of the buildup as possible. Follow this with a quality moisturizer. Some are specifically designed for men or for dryer skin, if this is a problem.

      Once a week, exfoliate the skin on your hands. There are products available for this purpose, or you can use a simple home remedy. Combine white sugar granules to a moisturizer and gently rub your hands together for a minute or so, then wash your hands and re-moisturize. This will remove dead skin cells that make your skin appear dull.

      Extra Additional Care

      Another option to consider is cuticle care. While maintaining your cuticles may seem girly, it can help prevent painful tears. Choose a product designed to remove or soften cuticles. These are applied to the cuticle and then the skin is pushed back using a small stick designed for this purpose. It only takes a few minutes, and the difference in your hands' appearance can be striking.

      Finally, consider lightly buffing your nails to give them a slight shine. The look isn't as noticeable as a clear nail polish, but the added shine gives a polished look to your hands. Look for a nail buffer in the nail care section of the drug store. This tool is used to rub lightly the top of the nail, which creates a shine. It's very easy to do.

      If you're in the mood for an indulging treat, consider a professional manicure. Not only will your hands look great, but it feels great as well. Manicures come complete with hand massage and full nail care, and more and more men are taking advantage of this simple luxury. Hand and nail care for is not complitated and creates a nice impression.

      Its all about for you to know...

      Thursday, January 05, 2006

      • pledge at shang

        (details on process...)

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